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Australia’s Real Estate in 2024: Peaks, Troughs, and the Path Forward

In Australia’s real estate market, 2024 is anticipated to bring a mix of peaks and declines due to the potential drop in interest rates conflicting with the recent slowdown in price growth. Despite a rebound in home values in 2023, the market faces uncertainties.

While renters experienced smaller payment increases, the share of income allocated to rent remains high, offering little relief. In 2023, the national home value index rose by 8.1%, a significant increase from the previous year’s decline but considerably lower than the surge in 2021.

However, specific cities experienced divergent trends; Melbourne saw price falls, Sydney had minimal growth, while Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane hit record highs. The market’s resilience in 2023 was surprising, especially with continuous interest rate hikes by the Reserve Bank, typically seen as a factor affecting property prices negatively.

Forecasts for 2024 remain uncertain. Despite potential rate cuts by the RBA, predicting trends is complex. Factors like rising living costs, affordability challenges, poor consumer sentiment, and increased housing stock listings might continue to temper market heat.

Migration, although predicted to decrease, will likely maintain demand in the housing market, albeit possibly impacting rentals more than purchases. Rents increased in 2023 but at a slower pace compared to previous years, yet still well above pre-Covid levels.

Affordability remains a concern, with the percentage of household income dedicated to mortgages or rent remaining near historic highs. Significant shifts in rent are unlikely without a substantial increase in housing supply.

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