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Beyond the Hype: Why Positive Gearing is a Cornerstone of Aussie Property Investment?

The Australian property market is a dynamic beast. Trends come and go, with whispers of “hot suburbs” and the latest “must-have” property type. But amidst the ever-changing landscape, one strategy stands the test of time: positive gearing (NAB).

This blog isn’t about chasing fads. It’s about building a sustainable and profitable property investment portfolio. We’ll delve into the world of positive gearing, contrasting it with negative gearing, and exploring its potential with duplexes, dual-key dwellings, and dual occupancies – all popular options in the Aussie market.

So, buckle up and get ready to unlock the secrets of building wealth through strategic property investment.

Understanding Gearing: The Two Sides of the Coin

Gearing is when you borrow money to invest, and it’s typically talked about in the context of investment properties. The income earned from your investment property is either positively or negatively gear. 

There are two main types of gearing:

  • Positive Gearing: As referenced by the National Australia Bank (NAB), a leading financial institution in Australia [2], positive gearing refers to an investment property where the rental income exceeds your total expenses (including loan interest, property rates, maintenance, and other outgoings). This generates a positive cash flow before tax. Positive gearing can provide a steady income stream and help you build equity in your property faster.

  • Negative Gearing: NAB also clarifies that negative gearing occurs when the rental income from your property falls short of your total expenses [2]. This results in a negative cash flow before tax. However, investors may choose this strategy for the potential tax benefits associated with claiming deductions for expenses, and with the expectation of long-term capital growth on the property value.

Why Positive Gearing Wins the Race: The Power of Cash Flow

While gearing refers to your property’s income in relation to expenses before tax, positive cash flow is the money you receive after all expenses and taxes have been paid. This is a key metric for understanding your ongoing profitability as an investor.

Positive Cash Flow 

Todays Market investors prioritize capital growth (property value increase), focusing on positive cash flow offers several advantages, particularly in regional markets. Here’s why:

  • Immediate Financial Benefit: Positive cash flow allows you to see the rewards of your investment right from the start. This income can be used to:


    • Pay down your mortgage faster: Reducing your loan balance sooner frees up more cash flow and builds equity quicker.


    • Invest in further properties: Reinvesting your positive cash flow allows you to potentially build a larger portfolio and accelerate your wealth creation journey.


    • Enhance your financial security: A consistent income stream improves your overall financial well-being and provides a buffer during unexpected events.


  • Reduced Reliance on Market Fluctuations: Unlike strategies solely focused on capital growth, positive cash flow offers a more stable income source. Regional markets might experience slower but steadier value appreciation, and positive cash flow ensures a return regardless of short-term market movements.


  • Peace of Mind and Control: Knowing your investment actively contributes to your finances fosters a sense of security and control. This is particularly valuable in uncertain economic times, as positive cash flow provides a reliable safety net.

Positive Gearing and Multi-Unit Dwellings: A Perfect Match?

Now, Let’s explore how multi-unit dwellings can be leveraged to maximize positive cash flow in your regional property investment strategy:

Property Investment in Australia  

  • Duplexes: These two-unit dwellings offer distinct advantages for positive cash flow. Sharing a common wall reduces construction costs while providing separate entrances and amenities for each unit. This translates to potentially double the rental income compared to a single house on the same block, significantly increasing your chances of achieving a positive cash flow situation.


  • Dual-Occupancy Dwellings: Similar to duplexes, dual occupancies feature two self-contained dwellings on one title. However, they often share some common areas like a driveway or laundry, potentially leading to lower construction costs. This combined with the ability to generate two separate rental incomes makes positive cash flow a more attainable goal.


  • Dual-Key Dwellings: These innovative properties take a slightly different approach. They combine a self-contained dwelling with a separate studio or apartment, catering to a wider range of tenants with varying needs, such as families or students. The potential for two separate rental incomes from a single property significantly enhances your chances of achieving positive cash flow.

It’s important to note that achieving positive gearing depends on various factors:

  • Property purchase price: A lower purchase price allows for lower mortgage repayments, increasing the likelihood of positive cash flow.


  • Rental yield: The location and type of property significantly influence rental income. Researching areas with high rental demand is crucial.


  • Property expenses: Ongoing costs like rates, maintenance, and property management fees should be factored in to ensure the rental income truly covers expenses.

Building a Smart and Sustainable Investment Strategy

Remember, chasing trends can be a risky proposition. The hottest suburbs today might not be the best performers tomorrow. Here’s what to prioritize for a sustainable, positive-geared property portfolio:

  • Focus on fundamentals: Location, property type, and long-term growth potential are key considerations, regardless of current trends.


  • Do your research: Analyze rental yields, vacancy rates, and future infrastructure projects in your target area.


  • Seek expert advice: A qualified property advisor can help you identify properties with the potential for positive cash flow and long-term value.


The Australian property market offers incredible opportunities for savvy investors. By prioritizing positive gearing, you can build a portfolio that generates wealth from day one. Forget fleeting trends and focus on strategies that provide lasting financial benefits. With careful planning and expert guidance, positive gearing can be your key to unlocking a secure financial future.