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Green light for $650 million Sydney's Cockle Bay project

May 20, 2019

Building Government Infrastructure Greater Sydney Region New South Wales Property and Investment News

A $649 million redevelopment in Sydney’s Cockle Bay, announced more than three years ago but left up in the air due to overshadowing concerns, has been given the green light by the state’s independent planning commission. A consortium of three investor groups, GPT, AMP Capital and Canada’s Brookfield, first announced plans in early 2016 for […]

Australia’s Population Becoming More Diverse

May 13, 2019

ACT Region Brisbane Region Building Canberra Region Central Coast Region Greater Sydney Region Hunter Valley Region Melbourne Region New South Wales Newcastle Area Property and Investment News Queensland Strategy Victoria

Migration data which was recently released by the ABS showed that as of June 2018, an estimated 17,650,130 residents of Australia were born in Australia. While this may seem like a high number, it shows that 29.4% of residents were born overseas. Based on data from the ABS which dates back to 1996, this is […]

Maitland's new $43 million civic precinct will include the iconic Town Hall Cafe building

May 10, 2019

Building Government Infrastructure Hunter Valley Region New South Wales Newcastle Area Property and Investment News Strategy

One of the city’s oldest commercial buildings will be incorporated into Maitland City Council’s $43 million civic precinct development which will include significant improvements to the town hall and the construction of a new administration building. General Manager David Evans and Mayor Loretta Baker announced yesterday that council had lodged a development application for the […]

Macquarie Park to get new $750m business district

May 7, 2019

Building Government Infrastructure Greater Sydney Region New South Wales Property and Investment News Strategy

A new commercial development labelled “Australia’s first community business district” will be built at the entrance of the Northwest Metro station at Macquarie Park. Frasers Property and Winten Property Group have committed $750 million to Macquarie Exchange (MQX), a mixed-use development comprised of four buildings — one of 16 storeys and three of eight storeys […]

Subcontractors are the human face of a construction industry in crisis

January 1, 2019

Building Property and Investment News Pros & Cons Strategy

Key points: Almost 1,700 construction businesses went bust last year, with big companies starting to fail Subcontractors are caught in the middle of collapses due to outstanding debts The Sydney and Melbourne property bust is set to make the situation worse A booming housing industry and large infrastructure projects in Sydney and Melbourne have helped […]

NSW Government to crack down on dodgy building certifiers following Opal Tower saga

January 1, 2019

Building Greater Sydney Region Property and Investment News

Key points: Up to 30 per cent of certification work will be audited in NSW every year Corrupt certifiers or those who have negligently signed off on an unsafe building will be booted from the industry immediately Certifiers who breach the industry code of conduct will be banned from working on new buildings for a […]

GR Homes liquidation leaves Hunter family in limbo

December 4, 2018

Building Central Coast Region Property and Investment News Pros & Cons

Mayfield’s Ruth Larkin and Amie Wilson were excited to hear in September that their new home, which had been under construction for the past 12 months, would be completed early. But just two months later, they fear they will soon have nowhere to live. “We were preparing to have a beautiful Christmas in our new home,” Ms Wilson […]

Third of new units worth less than owners have to pay for them

November 27, 2018

Building Greater Sydney Region New South Wales Property and Investment News Pros & Cons Strategy

Nearly a third of Sydney’s newly completed units are now worth less than what their buyers will have to pay for them. Many of the homes were purchased at inflated prices agreed during the housing boom two years ago but dropped in value as the market slumped over the time it took to build them. […]

Australian sustainable design: The challenges, what we’re getting right, and where to from here

November 19, 2018

Building New South Wales Property and Investment News Pros & Cons Queensland Strategy Tasmania Victoria

The drive behind building more environmentally friendly residential homes is coming from individuals, not government bodies, and cookie-cutter developments are holding us back, according to a think tank assembled to address the issue of implementing sustainable design. The chair of the discussion, organised by LG Electronics, was architect and TV host Peter Maddison, who argued […]

Why your house is freezing in winter, and how to warm it up

July 17, 2018

Building Property and Investment News

Winter is here, and while you may be looking forward to a season of mulled wine and woolly jumpers, you’re probably less excited about months of huddling around your living room heater. If we live in a “sunburnt country”, then why do some of our houses feel so cold? Poor building standards “Many Australian homes […]

$1 Billion Infrastructure Carrot for Developers

July 4, 2018

Building Land Property and Investment News

The federal government’s $1 billion infrastructure fund, aimed at reducing pressure on housing affordability, officially opened for business this week. The $1 billion boost, which comes as the high cost of housing in Australia has been at the forefront of a range of recent policy debates, will likely see developers and community housing providers join forces […]

The pros and cons of single and double-storey homes

June 21, 2018

Building Property and Investment News Pros & Cons

One of the crucial design decisions many new homebuyers will face is whether to build a single or double-storey house. It may seem like a simple decision now, but those thinking into the future need to plan for their family’s needs in years to come. Pros and cons of a double-storey house There are many […]

Parramatta Council wants to slam brakes on ‘density grab’ by developers in Epping

June 12, 2018

Building Greater Sydney Region Newcastle Area Property and Investment News

Epping has “reached crunch point” where even the simple task of residents driving out of their streets to get to the shops has become a daily struggle. Since the state government flagged Epping as a priority precinct in 2012, the population and number of homes built in the suburb have far exceeded original forecasts. Long-term […]

APRA investor crackdown behind drop-off in apartment approvals

June 7, 2018

Building Property and Investment News Pros & Cons Strategy

A significant drop-off in apartments in the construction pipeline has dragged down the number of buildings approved across the country in February, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. And experts predicted the trend would continue as more developers delay starting projects while tighter lending standards for investors coincide with a deluge of apartments […]

The holy grail of residential investment

May 9, 2018

Building Dual Occupancy New South Wales Property and Investment News Strategy

The phrase “development potential” can be very tempting to an investor browsing property listings with an eye on the long-term. It’s also a marketing term homeowners may be wondering if they can use when it comes time to sell their own property, as properties with development potential tend to be valued more than surrounding blocks. Subdividing a block and adding […]

DA vs CDC – Which one for me?

March 14, 2018

Building Property and Investment News

A DA (Development Application) refers to the process where Development Consent is required from Council in order to build something on your property – e.g. a new house, an extension or a deck. In some instances where strict, pre-determined criteria are met and the property is in the appropriate area and land-use zones, a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) may […]

Development Applications(DA), Complying Development Certificates (CDC) and Section 94 Contributions

March 1, 2018

Building New South Wales Property and Investment News

Two of the most asked about topics that often comes up when starting the planning process  are “What is the difference between a Development Application (DA) and a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)? and ” What are Section 94 Contributions?” It is important to note that before any work can commence on your new home, either […]

Dual Occupancy- What are they and Why are they so great?

February 28, 2018

Building Dual Occupancy Property and Investment News Strategy

Koala Invest strives to find the best solution for the rental market, and in doing so, we present a large percentage of our listings as Dual Occupancy or Duplex style housing. The following will give a brief overview of Dual Occupancy and Duplex housing, the advantages of Dual Income Housing Investments and the experience and […]

12 Most Commonly Forgotten Hidden Costs when Building

February 27, 2018

Building Property and Investment News

When building any Property- Investment or not, it’s easy to miss costs which are not always obvious. Some of these additional costs can be expensive and may even create delays for tenants to be found or for you to move in. Most of these additional costs are often easier and sometimes cheaper to be included […]

Is hiring a home inspector to inspect every accessible area really needed?

September 19, 2017

Building Property and Investment News

Do you want to get your building that you are planning to buy inspected? Then, you need to hire an expert and professional Building Inspections Adelaide who will identify the hidden defects in the building  that would otherwise ignored by you. Basically, these defects will help you to get the home at a cheaper price […]