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Geelong Has Once Again Achieved Australia’s Highest Regional Results

May 13, 2019

Land Melbourne Region Property and Investment News Victoria

Dwelling sales were down in four of the five Queensland regions over the year to November 2018 with the Wide Bay region the only location to see an increase in home sales (2 per cent). Queensland’s rental market saw advertised rental rates rise over the year to December 2018 with the exception of the Wide […]

$1 Billion Infrastructure Carrot for Developers

July 4, 2018

Building Land Property and Investment News

The federal government’s $1 billion infrastructure fund, aimed at reducing pressure on housing affordability, officially opened for business this week. The $1 billion boost, which comes as the high cost of housing in Australia has been at the forefront of a range of recent policy debates, will likely see developers and community housing providers join forces […]

Five things to consider before you buy a block of land

June 7, 2018

Land Property and Investment News Pros & Cons Strategy

It’s more than a patch of dirt – this is the land where your dream house will soon live. So it pays to ensure your block is absolutely right for you. Here are some important factors to consider before buying your first block of land… Focus on what will stand your property in good stead […]

Residential Land in Short Supply, Prices Increasing

February 20, 2018

Corelogic Land New South Wales Property and Investment News

A recent study by HIA and Corelogic has indicated a lack of residential land has lead to a 10.9 percent annual increase in the median lot prices.  This increase has created an all-time median price high of $267,386 per lot with the 6.5 percent rise in land prices being considered high, especially when compared with Sydney’s […]