Beyond Capital Growth: Why Positive Gearing Should Be Your Australian Property Investment Strategy

The Australian property market continues to be a cornerstone of wealth creation for many Australians. However, the traditional focus on capital growth as the primary driver of investment returns is undergoing a shift.

Savvy investors are increasingly recognizing the power of positive gearing to deliver immediate financial benefits and long-term security.

 positive geared property  

The Numbers Speak for Themselves:
  • Rental yields holding steady: The national gross rental yield for houses currently sits at 4.1% (SQM Research, March 2024). This means for every $1 million invested in a property, you can expect to receive $41,000 in annual rent. Give the link to this reference
  • Capital growth can be unpredictable: While historical trends show long-term property value increases, relying solely on capital growth exposes you to market fluctuations.

Positive Gearing: Turning Your Investment into a Cash Cow

A property is positively geared when your rental return (the amount of rent you receive from your tenants) is higher than your interest repayments and other property-related expenses (e.g. strata levies, council and water rates).

Here’s why positive gearing trumps a capital growth-only strategy:
  • Immediate financial benefit: Unlike capital growth, which takes time to materialize, positive cash flow delivers a tangible return on your investment from day one. This income can be used to:


    • Reduce your mortgage faster: Freeing up additional capital for future investments or improving your overall financial position.


    • Invest in further properties: Positive cash flow allows you to reinvest and accelerate your wealth creation journey.


    • Enjoy greater financial security: Knowing your investment actively contributes to your finances provides peace of mind, especially during economic uncertainties.

Maximizing Your Positive Gearing Potential:

While location is always crucial, the type of property you invest in significantly impacts your ability to achieve positive cash flow. Here’s where multi-unit dwellings shine:

Positive Gearing Property  

  • Duplexes: These two-unit dwellings provide the potential for double the rental income compared to a single house. This can significantly increase your chances of achieving positive cash flow.
  • Dual-key Dwellings: Offering a self-contained dwelling with a separate studio or apartment, these innovative properties cater to a wider range of tenants, potentially leading to two separate rental incomes.
  • Dual Occupancies: Similar to dual-key dwellings, they offer two separate dwellings with increased rental income potential.

Beyond Property Type: Optimizing Your Strategy

  • Strategic property selection: Focus on areas with high rental demand, good rental yields, and a healthy vacancy rate.
  • Work with a qualified property advisor: Their expertise can help you identify properties with positive cash flow potential and long-term value.
  • Consider upfront costs: While a slightly higher purchase price might seem daunting, it can translate into lower ongoing maintenance costs compared to older properties.



Focusing solely on capital growth can leave you vulnerable to market fluctuations and delays. Positive gearing, on the other hand, offers a sustainable and reliable path to wealth creation. With careful planning, strategic property selection, and expert guidance, you can build a portfolio that generates immediate cash flow and long-term value.

Ready to unlock the power of positive gearing and take control of your financial future?

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